Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year... meet bucky & Samantha

Hello Everyone!
We had a nice Christmas. I received two lovely stitched pieces as presents from my college friend. I also received some nice Christmas stash from DH. I'll share them in my next post.

Thanks so much for all your encouraging words last year.

I have one more finish to share with you. Well- at least the stitching is finished.

HAED Forest Walk Storykeep Chart design by Michele Sayetta (Artwork by Anne Stokes) © Heaven and Earth LLC 2009  now at 12850 stitches. I have some nice brass bellpull hardware that I hope to use.
25ct Dublin Linen
DMC Threads (90 colors), 2 over 1

I'm not sure if I am going to start a new HAED or work on finishing another one of my WIP's. I have so many to choose from....Hmmm. I guess I'll have to see which one calls to me the most. For now I can't decide if it will be Mini Gothic Girl Artwork by Lisa Parker, Mini Frozen Hearts Artwork by Zindy S.D. Nelson, Mini La Victime Artwork by Nene Thomas, Mini Too many books Artwork by Randall Spangler, Storykeep Water Dragon Artwork by Anne Stokes, or Stocking Cherished Christmas Artwork by Ching Chou-Kuik.

Meet Bucky...on the day he adopted us...The rusty color on his back was all his loose undercoat.

And here is Samantha... she has white boots.

They are slowly settling in. We have been told that they are between 9 and 12 years old. Some sort of Shepherd / lab mix.. about 75 pounds each. The day they found us it was bitter cold (below zero° F) with about 8" of fresh powdery snow. Expected temps that night were  to be -24° F below. Thankfully we spotted them. They have a sad history. We found out that their original owner was in a car accident that put him in a nursing home. His son took the dogs and dropped them. The were rescued by an animal control officer in late May. We learned their names (Bucky & Samantha), and that they were brother and sister, and that they had all their shots. They were adopted out to a new family sometime September - October of 2013. Sadly they were dropped again. We aren't sure when they were dropped - but the were dehydrated and very hungry. They now have their forever home. It's just taking them awhile to let us be in separate rooms. Hopefully when they nap this afternoon, I'll be able to catch up on my emails and some household chores. They are very affectionate, and when I sit down to stitch, they decide it's play time. LOL!

Here they are after being with us for 2 weeks.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. How wonderful of you to be willing to take in troubled animals. We all have our problems (even pets) and it is nice to see love overcome frustrations! Laura

  2. Two sweet angels came into their lives,

  3. Two very lucky pups indeed! They look so happy with you!!

  4. Fantastic finish .
    Lovely new friends . I am sure they will soon settle in and realise how lucky they are .xxx

  5. Wonderful finish but more wonderful is that you have given Samantha and Bucky a forever home.
    Happy New Year!!

  6. Lovely finish there! How absolutely wonderful for Bucky and Samantha! I hope and pray it works out very, very well.

  7. Oh my goodness... I just love the Haed... I just started the storykeep magical arrival.... and hope one day to order and stitch this one too... what a wonderful finish.

  8. Bucky and Samantha are lucky you found them! They are so sweet! Looking forward to hearing about their escapades!