Saturday, September 1, 2018

August 2018

Hello everyone,
Today finally brought relieve from the high humidity .. at least for a few days. Spent most of the day catching up on some long overdue chores. DH found some hornet nests at our swimming pool - so no pool for me until they're gone. Looking at the front yard we see that the tent caterpillars have been busy in the black walnut tree - at least 5 cocoons more than 30' up so can't do anything about them - but the lower ones we can cut off  the affected branches.

Our hummingbird feeders haven't needed to be filled as much - perhaps the heat is getting to them as well. We only have them for about another week and a half. Then we won't get to enjoy their antics until until next May.

Last month I started this lovely bookmark pattern...Color Charts Staff  Slice of Life (#10902) © 1991

Artic Seals by Carmen Gosha
Fabric:32ct white evenweave
Threads: DMC, Threadworx 8 metallic

Stitch Count: 120 x 30, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, 1/4 stitch, Backstitch, Long stitch, Four sided stitch
I added the four sided stitch border in the threadworx metallic ice blue

I continued making progress on...
2013BB SAL QS Mystic Garden (It is a cropped version of Peacock Garden.)
Design by Michele Sayetta Artwork by Ciro Marchetti
Fabric: 28ct Picture this Plus Valor
Threads: DMC & Kreinik#4
Stitch Count: 139 x 138, 1 over 1 full cross. July 2018 at 11200stitches...Now I have 13580 stitches completed.

Earlier this month I joined a Christmas ornament exchange so I've been looking through my patterns and ornament magazines looking for the perfect one to stitch for my partner - has to be received by November so it'll be a few months before I can share with you. Hopefully I'll still have some time next month to work on Mystic Garden - it would be nice to see it finished by year end- although fall chores will be starting soon and several medical appointments for DH and Dad.

This month has been exceptionally hot - so I spent some time in our cooler basement putting my patterns and fabrics together. I still have plenty of threads to put away... but at least I won't grab a pattern - know I bought that perfect fabric - spend 2 days looking for it before giving up and using a different fabric or choosing another chart.

This all started because I started to stitch a few Christmas ornaments for my niece who just started college earlier this month. The pattern called for some cranberry colored beads that I know I have at least 2 packets of - but I couldn't find them. (Actually I still can't although I've looked for them for the past week). I'll probably just have to order a new one soon.

I finished another bookmark - this one is narrow compared to the other ones I've been doing.

bear totem cuff. ©  Lori Culligan (out of the flames) from her etsy store here
Miyuki delicas
white silimide
98 rows, 21 columns
Square stitch

New Stash: I've been so tempted's what jumped into my cart
Whispered by the Wind Moonrise & Moonset
Handblessings Silhouettes pumpkin cat & Crow
Lizzie Kate Dogs leave paw prints
Foxwood Crossings First Noel
Heartstring Samplery Stocking Ornament Do you hear What I hear

And a couple of threads for some finishing

Earlier this week we were lucky enough to see three adult turkey hens and their 14 offspring at the bottom of our driveway. Next time I'll try to have my camera with me.

This shows the haze we've been seeing as the hot days continue.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
Until next time -
Lisa M.