Monday, November 24, 2014

Monthly Check in Stitch from Stash November 2014

Hello everyone,
It's time for my monthly update for my stitch from stash hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned this month.  

My kitted up smalls are still in their bag but DH hasn’t started outpatient therapy yet. An infection showed up around his incision  when his staples were removed at the end of October. He is scheduled for another surgery tomorrow. Hopefully it's just surface drainage - otherwise he will have to have a spacer put in and no hip for 6-8 weeks.

On Halloween, my Dad had to go to the hospital  with another heart attack- part of his quadruple bypass from 17 years ago collapsed. Dr. had to insert a stent and  he is now home and recovering - just limited driving as he is on a blood thinner. 

So instead of the smalls, I worked on:
HAED 2012 SAL SK Forbidden Doorway Artwork by Meredith Dillman Chart Design by Michele Sayetta

Last at: 11850 stitches on February 12, 2013

28ct Picture This Plus opal. Moonglow
DMC & Kreinik #4
1 over 1, full cross
Now at 14535 stitches completed. Just a little over one more page to go.

Last month Mel offered us a bonus - we were able to spend an extra $50.00 and it would not count in our monthly budgeted amount - so I indulged and ordered some stash.

I ordered Heartstring Samplings- Sweet Land of Liberty, Just Nan - ginger holly pin, Just Nan - gingerbread angel mouse, Just Nan - gingerbread garden cube, Lone Elm - Halloween Resurrection,  and Foxwood Saltbox Sleds,  a hornbook and some trims. With the $50.00 discount that makes the amount of spending $63.99-50.00 = $13.99 against my monthly budget.
Until next time...
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Stitch from Stash Update

Hello Everyone,
Thanks so much for all your kind comments.

It's time for my monthly update for my stitch from stash hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching.
October has been a busy month - We celebrated 16 years married in early October. DH surprised me with two Blackbird Designs hidden in a card - Reward of Merit Pinkeep In Full Glory, and Reward of Merit Pinkeep Peace Rose.

DH is now home recovering from his total hip replacement surgery.  His staples come out at the end of the month and then he will start outpatient therapy.

I did get a small amount of stitching done - I found this design all kitted up - I don't know why it took me so long to work on it.

Howlers Spooky © 2009 Charland Designs Inc.
Fabric: 12" 70mm Limited run hand dyed banding - Mandarin Madness
Threads: Weeks Dye Works, DMC, Kreinik#4
Stitch Count: 36 x 145, 2 over 2
Finished with Pewter Halloween Bat Mini Bellpull by Charland Designs Inc.



Autumn (Freebie) © 2010 The Stitcherhood LLC
Fabric:Silkweaver Solo 28ct Cashel from October 2003
Threads: DMC and hand dyed Var lt pumpkin and "D" green from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe
Stitch Count: 28 x 80, 2 over 2


Mel offered us Special Exemption for the Nene Thomas charts at Heaven and Earth Designs that were to be retired on October 15th. I took advantage of this exemption- adding to my already sizable stash of Nene Thomas charts.

Lullaby, Prophecy, Lord of Snows , Mini Power and Prestige, Mini Astranaithes, Mini House Divided, and Mini Lovers (left this one out of picture).

I suppose that I shouldn't admit to the HAED Nene Thomas Charts that I already have... but here goes: Mini Queen of Shadows, QS Direwood, Mini Asiria, Mini Chorus, Storykeep Winter Wings Owl, QS La Victime, QS Whispers, Storykeep Dragon Moon, QS Storykeep Winter Wings, A Chance Encounter, Memento, Firemoon, Storykeep Ravens, and Corsair Daemira. Just a few - LOL!!!

Some of these will be perfect to work on this winter. and yes, winter is coming - October 19th we had our first day of  snow flurries - a bit early this year.

So after my online shopping for Heaven and Earth charts, I did a bit more online shopping - this time at The Floss Box. I ordered biscornu pack #32 (which consist of biscornu patterns #549 to #556) and 2 other biscornu patterns: #599 and #656.

 I spent a total of $12.50

Mel also offered us a bonus amount of $50.00 to count before our monthly budget. I'm going to save that for next month.

Here's a few more smiles from Bucky (left) and Samantha (right).

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September Stitch from Stash update

Hello everyone,
It's time for my monthly update for my stitch from stash hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching.
I've worked on a bunch of smaller projects this month. DH had lots of Dr. visits and tests to find out why his knee was bothering him since his fall last winter. After quite a few tests to rule out possible infection/ rejection of his replacement knees and several follow up appointments the Dr. determined that his problem is caused by his right hip - and it needs to be replaced. So now we are spending the next few weeks getting all the necessary chores done since he will be laid up for awhile. And I am kitting up a bunch of smaller projects since he will have lots of therapy visits.

So here is what I managed to work on since the last update.
First up is this lovely dimensions daydreams kit (#72713) Designed by Hunter Brown© 2001 that will be a gift for our dear friend. Stitching area was 3" x 3"

Hmmm. I seem to recall buying a few other of these kits... now where did I put them?

Next is Winter Fawn by The Victoria Sampler - Designs by Cathy Jean that was published in the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Ornaments magazine.
Fabric:28ct summer khaki
Threads: GAST, WDW, DMC (I couldn't find my terra cotta skein), Kreinik #4
Stitch Count: 32 x 33, 2 over 2

I have the tart tins for finishing - but my fabric piece is just the right size for 4 of these so I started the next one.

Owl- Woodland Birdies Christmas Tartlets #3 design by Cathy Jean for the Victoria Sampler © 2013
Fabric:28ct summer khaki
Threads: GAST, WDW, I substituted DMC for the colors I couldn't find right away, and I also substituted Miyuki delica beads for the SJ beads
Stitch Count: 32 x 33, 2 over 2

Just a little more of the pine boughs to complete.

So then I did a little big of web-surfing a came across this lovely free pattern by Lynn B. here.
I grabbed a small scrap of antique white and since I plan on finishing this as a small bookmark or fob, I left off the wording and the borders...this is the result.
Fabric: 32 ct antique white
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count:53x 60 for the whole design, 2 over 2

And another freebie, this one was mentioned in the weekly Stitch 'N Things newsletter. When I saw one of the free monthly patterns was the 2014 Little Santa by Prairie Schooler, I sent off my SASE to get the freebies. Instead of immediately starting the PS Santa, I grabbed a piece of leftover fabric and began this lovely fall piece. It will make a lovely fall fob.
Free Graph- Halloween Heart from the Heartstring series ©2014 The Stitchworks
Fabric: 14 lt. oatmeal aida
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 28 x 29, 2 over 1

So now we come to spending portion of my update. After one of DH's tests, we stopped at Barnes and Noble. Somehow the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Special Edition hopped into my shopping basket. With my member discount it came to $8.99. Then earlier today, I ordered the Just Nan Miss Witchy Mouse from1-2-3 stitch cost $12.99. Total spent= $ 21.98
I stayed within my monthly budget but I did see several new designs calling to me... and I really haven't spent that much money this year....hmm....I might have to splurge next month...

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

And the winner is....

Hi everyone,
Just stopping by to announce the winner of my giveaway. The winner is....Silvia!

I think I fixed my e-mail in my profile...but in case it isn't fixed, please email me at

Have a wonderful day.
Lisa M.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Stitch from Stash update

Hi everyone,
As you can see our leaves have already started to change. Acorns and pinecones are dropping. Our hummingbirds have been tanking up getting ready to leave sometime next week.

Temperatures are getting cooler.

I finished up the model stitching project You can see it here.

I did not do much other stitching as it was a busy month trying to get some outside projects done before the first snow arrives (usually around Halloween). I did start the Prairie Schooler 2013 Santa when DH had a Dr. appointment, just not enough progress for a picture. Hopefully I'll get some more done this week when he goes back for the results.

I spent the rest of my time plowing through boxes that I had in storage. Here is the first set of duplicates. Jeanette Crews Designs Book #812: The Onmibook of Winged Things © 1996 and a Dimensions Gold Collection Winged Elegance Ornaments Set of six  Designed by Todd Trainer © 2000. If anyone would like these, please leave a comment. If more that 1 person is interested, I'll have DH draw a name on the weekend of Sept. 5-7.

Now, for my monthly update for my stitch from stash hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching.

Mel gave us an extra bonus to spend this month - I did see some new designs that I would love to have - hopefully I'll be good... but some have been calling my name... among them... the Just Nan Miss Witchy Mouse, I'm not sure why I want another mouse... as it was a mouse that had made a nest in my car vent system.  Took care of that and a few rainy days later we had a mouse move into our enclosed front porch.

also...the Lone Elm Lane Designs Halloween Resurrection. I'm not really into Halloween but I just love  that little skeleton dog out for a walk.

and Blackbird Designs Rewards of Merits new offerings are another group that are calling to me.

So far I did not spend anything.  ;)

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 4, 2014

July update and Stitch from Stash

Hi everyone,
Where did July go?
Bucky and Samantha had their vet visit for their rabies shot and health check and were given a good report.

(one happy boy)

sleepy girl...

anxious to greet our UPS delivery

We also found out some more info about them from a friend who knew their original owner. They are indeed brother and sister; but not from the same litter. Bucky is 11 years old and Samantha is 8.Their original owner had their beds in his kitchen - that explains why they like to be in the kitchen so much!

DH was sick with a fever on and off for about the past 2 weeks. Waiting to find out if it is from the kidney stone - although Dh thinks that it was just the flu. Got in my JEEP to pick up his medications, only to hear a strange noise coming from the passenger air vents (we figure some critter built a nest). The earliest appointment I could get is later this week.

As my parents are preparing to sell the family home, things I had forgotten about that were stored in their attic have found their way to our front porch - now filled with boxes of craft and stitching kits and magazines. Some of which I can now say "what in the world was I thinking - or what was I going to use that for?" So I expect the next month will be filled with finding long forgotten treasures, some duplicates, and more of the above expressions.

Now, for my monthly update for my stitch from stash hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching.

My pre-order of  Just Nan design The Charming House of Lindy Mouse from the Silver Needle- was shipped and it just arrived today for a total of $34.00 spent.

So far that's all I spent for the year... I did see some new designs that I would love to have- hopefully I'll be good and stay within my budget for the next month.

I'm finishing up the model stitching project - had to fix a mistake. I am so looking forward to starting something new this week.
Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Stitch from stash update

Hello everyone,
This month I spent most of my time working on the model stitching piece - hopefully only a few more weeks until it is finished. I was delayed a bit because I was bitten /stung by an insect (either a no see um or a small spider) and my swelled shut - then the next morning my other eye had a black fly I had about 2 weeks when I could not pick up a needle.

This month I thought that I would share this older exclusive kit from Herrschners Inc. that I had sitting in my finishing basket for quite some time.
Patriotic Heart Coasters © 2001 Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc.
Fabric: 14 ct antique white Aida
DMC Floss, 2 over 1
Stitch count: 31 x 30 each

Now, for my monthly update for my stitch from stash hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching.  I did pre-order this exclusive Just Nan design The Charming House of Lindy Mouse from the Silver Needle- but I will count it against my budget when it ships. This month we had a bonus amount to spend over our monthly budget. So far I spent nothing... but there are still a few days left in the month. Hopefully, I'll continue to be good... but we will have to see. 

Have a wonderful day!