Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 Hearts abound

Hello everyone,

Do you ever plan your stitching around the season or upcoming holiday... or perhaps you choose a theme for the month? I thought about a new start for the new year, but I really wanted to finish a few of my HAED's this year.

So with that in mind, I  picked up my 2013BB SAL QS Mystic Garden (It is a cropped version of Peacock Garden.) Design by Michele Sayetta Artwork by Ciro Marchetti
28ct Picture this Plus Valor
DMC & Kreinik#4
Stitch Count: 139 x 138, 1 over 1 full cross
Last time I shared a picture it was at 7840 stitches finished. Now at 8430 stitches completed. I had planned on getting more done - Life got in the way.

My smalls this month are a few more finishes for Valentines Day. Hopefully things will calm down a bit so I can "finish" these lovelies.

My first chart stitched was this freebie chart I received with an online order.
Bless Your Heart Free-Bee by La-D-Da
Fabric: 32ct Mystery from a Bookmark Grab bag that I bought - Very Stiff Stuff
Stitch Count:50 x 39, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

Then I grabbed another freebie from my binder -
A Hug Will Do © 2000 Lizzie Kate Inc
Fabric: 28ct Flax
Stitch Count: 37 x 40, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

Digging through my binder of freebies, I came across
Ewe Heart © 2005 Linda Stolz dba Erica Michaels
Fabric: 28ct Mushroom /Gold Luguna
Threads: DMC#12, GAST
Stitch Count: 48 x52, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, back stitch, running stitch

Next I worked on this design by The Little Stitcher that I found online.
Give Love Freebie©2013 The Little Stitcher
Fabric: 32ct off white evenweave
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 35x27, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

I also worked on a Valentine exchange piece that I will share with you next month.

New Stash?
Silver Needle Erica Michaels Kit- I love her berries.. and was so happy to get this special kit.

and a few small pieces of fabric, Sue Hillis Christmas Ride, and a few threads...

January was a month that had a lot of bouncing temperatures. We had a lot of snow/ice mix storms and periods where the temperatures either stayed cold with the ice or warmed up for a quick thaw. 


The chickadees were enjoying their seeds on their feeder despite the winter weather 

Mid-month was Samantha's annual vet visit. Her liver value was a bit high - but she had been sick with a stomach bug since just before New Year's and was off her usual medication for that.  Everything else was good. She had a few cuts on her paws from the ice...but easily remedied with some antibiotic ointment at night. She got her lyme and distemper shots and her rabies shot will be in 6 months. She had another flare up of the stomach bug the following week, but is better today, and she is slowly getting back on her normal food regimen.(Only a few more days before everything is back to normal.)

Just about the same time, DH's face swelled late one evening. A trip to the dentist the next day indicated that he needs a root canal. However his dentist doesn't do them and the specialist is booked until early March. So he was on antibiotics to get rid of the pain ..after 10 days they were used up ...he still had pain so he was put on a different antibiotic for another 10 days.

My Dad had an unplanned trip to the Doctor as he was having some difficulty walking - luckily it was only some slight bruising of his toes and an ingrown nail.

Last week Dad had a major health  issue - he had another heart attack. His 2 year old stent gave out and had to be replaced. Luckily there was no damage this time. But they found another blockage and he will have to have more surgery in a few weeks to open up that artery. He came home yesterday - taking it easy - resting and watching some DVD's we gave him.

Last night I picked up a few of my beading projects that I had started last year but never got to finish. I can work on them in short bursts of time which makes it easier to check in on my Mom & Dad every few hours. I want to finish them off before I start the next one that I have picked out. Hopefully I'll have them finished in a few days.

I also signed up for an Easter exchange so I started to look through my stash to figure out what I wanted to make for my partner. I found so many patterns that I had forgotten about - not Easter - but some that are now in my stitch next pile. I did pick out my Easter pattern and hope to get it started next week so I can mail it off before my Dad's next surgery.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016 Update

Hello, everyone,
Happy New Year !!
Can you believe another year has come to an end? Christmas was busier this year since my brother had me wrapping all his gifts for family. He stopped in to see our parents for Christmas Eve dinner and then stayed with us for a few days. The last time I spent any holiday with him was about 35 years ago. The weather was a bit snowy so we brought my parents a dinner for Christmas Day, and they could relax and not have to worry about driving conditions.

I found this freebie pattern when I was trying to organize...

Poinsettia Wishes © 2001 Stitches By Cheri
Fabric:32ct Waterlily Jobelon
Threads: GAST
Stitch Count: 46 x 46, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Backstitch

Then after Christmas, I picked up this freebie design for a quick little stitch. I think I'll finish it off as a bookmark.

Gathering © Mary Olson and Candy Scott, The  Workbasket 2016
Fabric: 35ct WDW Sanguine
Threads: CC Belle Soie
Stitch Count: 68 x 37, 1 over 2
Cross Stitch


This month was my birthday.We got about 4.5" of snow that day.
Thankfully my dental cleaning a few days earlier was a good travel day, and my Dad's Dr. appointment a few days later was also a good day for traveling.

We also celebrated 3 years with Samantha the day after my birthday.  We had an arctic blast that reminded me so much of the day she & her brother came into our lives.

She was happy with her extra pampering (and treats).

Mid-month we woke up to a wintry mix. Thankfully we were able to stay close to home.

With all the snow and ice, we've seen a lot more of these visitors...

They love the crab apples that are frozen (even more than the apples that are still on the wild trees.

New (birthday) stash

Sue Hillis a wintry Mix,

Just Nan's Santa mouse and Erica Michaels Brrrberry

...And some threads and fabric.

Thursday brought us another 5+ inches of snow.

Sammy has been a little under the weather since Friday - she caught a cold in her tummy. She seems to be responding well to our vet's advice so now it's just a few more days until she is back to her 100%.

I'll leave you now... thinking about next years projects... Hopefully I'll finish off a few of my starts that got set aside... I'm planning on a few exchanges ... and after that who knows?
Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Friday, December 2, 2016

November update

Hello everyone,
Thanks so much for your lovely comments - they really helped!

I finished my Silver Needle Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle (2016) kit

Fraktur Friends © 2016 Plum Street Samplers
Original designs by Paulette Stewart
Fabric:32ct WDW Beige Linen
Threads: CC,WDW, GAST
Stitch Count: 95 x 74, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch 

I also completed this lovely design published in the August 2016 Issue of Just Cross Stitch

Hope Design by Eileen Gurak of Handblessings Sorry about the wrinkles... I haven't had the chance to iron it yet.
Fabric: 14ct Navy Aida
Threads: DMC Threads
Stitch Count: 64 x 47, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch

Next I found this lovely freebie Victoria Sampler pattern tucked away (stored for quite some time) along with the fabric and threads.
Cardinal Snowflake Xmas ornament (round version) from the cardinal Bellpull available here © 2004 Thea Dueck
Fabric: 32ct Amsterdam Blue Linen
Threads: Kreinik #4, Kreinik Mori, Access Soie Perlee
Stitch Count: 32 x 32, 2 over 1  *stitched twice
Cross Stitch, Straight Stitch, Backstitch, Satin Stitch, Modified Algerian Eyelets, Colonial Knots

and the diamond version.

Now all I need is for a quiet day in my sewing room to get everything finished!


That's about it for this month's stitching - Had multiple Dr. Appointments for my Dad, and DH. And my brother returned to the area to start a 13 week contract job - so was busy with all that and pampering Samantha.

Samantha had to go back to see the Dr. as her ear infection needed another treatment - it was bothering her and she scratched her inner ear. She is doing much better now. 

Thanksgiving was a snowy day - so I brought my parents a ham dinner - they didn't need to be out in that weather.  My older brother had to work that day - so decided to do it again on a day he was available. My younger brother spends Thanksgiving with in-laws across the state.

To make things easier,  I cooked a turkey over the weekend to share with my parents. and I've been busy baking the past few nights- our Historical Society has a Pie Sale at the annual Town Christmas Bazaar tonight so the house smells are delicious but not much to eat from the effort. This years donations are a pecan pumpkin cheesecake and a fudge brownie cream cheese with chocolate fudge drizzle and pecans.

Black Friday I spent getting new tires and a new sensor for my Jeep - so now I'm ready for winter!

No new stash this month - but I have a birthday in December... so between that and Christmas I should have something new in my next post.

It's time to end this... I signed up for a Valentines exchange so I'm off to search through my patterns while I wait for the pies to cool.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.