Sunday, January 26, 2020

January 2020 A new Year

Hi everyone,
It's time to share what I've been up to this month.


Dear Santa It Was the Dog © Cross Stitch Wonders
Created from original art by Black Cats Media
Fabric: 28ct white evenweave
Threads: DMC, and I changed the dog to sulky 1070 as the DMC color was too light
Stitch Count: 120 x 120, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch


Winter Forest
Ornaments of the Month 2011 - No.11 © 2011 Designed by Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 28 ct mystery (cocoa- I think) Linen
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 45 x 60, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

Last year ended with freezing rain/ice and the new year started off the same. I fell a second time in a week while walking Macey. Tripped on a buried tree branch that had fallen down and was covered in snow/ice. Jammed a few of my fingers when I landed.

This past week was our January thaw. It was so nice to have 5 days in a row with no precipitation of any kind... and milder temps. We managed to get most of our errands done including getting Macey to the vet for her shots. Because of my falls followed by colder temps for the first 2 weeks of the year, Macey's walks have shortened considerably. She is on a diet - at least until she loses the extra weight. We cut back on her food a week earlier... but she still tipped the scale higher than she should at 86#. We are waiting for her heartworm re-test results -  should have them tomorrow.

Most of our snowfalls have been in the 5-6" range.. although last night we had mostly mix of heavy wet with sleet and freezing rain.. ending as an inch of snow.

My Jeep was back in the shop just before the rain/freezing rain 2 weeks ago. Went to the local store for DH, then checked in on M&D. Went to leave and it wouldn't start. Battery was fine.. starter tested fine...turns out the wire connection to the starter had corroded and broke off.

I joined the birthday club again this year. We send each other a card and a skein of floss (assigned number)  for each birthday girl. This year we have a theme.. autumn with a touch of winter/Christmas. Since my color was in the Christmas range, I decided to make something to send with the floss. (Actually since I couldn't find my organza drawstring bags that I put away). I searched online and decided to make the birthday gals a peek-a-boo pouch in Christmas fabrics. This was my first time using vinyl. Not too bad for a first attempt. Time to pick out fabric for the February gals - maybe this time it will be a small project pouch? Hmmm... time will tell.
These are the ones for our January gals.

Outside all folded

Open to show inside

I tucked the skein of floss inside with 2 other floss skeins and a christmas-y charm.

Both ladies were thrilled with their gift.

Speaking of gifts, I received a lovely Christmas Card and skein of floss from one of the ladies in last year's birthday club. It was mailed from Indiana on December 17th. It arrived in upstate NY on January 17th.

Lastly, I decided to take part in the's Love to Stitch  Challenge. Only thirty minutes a day for the month of February. You can read all about it here.

This week I've been spending my nights going through my stash and getting fabrics ready with the patterns. I'll wait to pull threads that day. Not sure if I will start something different each day - or if I will work on something until it's finished. I do hope to sneak in a few of my UFO's/WIPS.

New stash:
Both for the Australian Bush Fire Appeal.
ETSY Fiddlesticksau here.
The Little Stitcher here.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Monday, December 30, 2019

December 2019 end of year wrap up

Hi everyone,
It's time to share what I've been up to this month.

I wanted to finish this for Christmas - but just couldn't. I came down with a cold just after Thanksgiving.. Spent about 2 weeks sneezing and coughing. All these strange temperature changes didn't help.

So, here is my progress on this..

Dear Santa It Was the Dog © Cross Stitch Wonders
Created from original art by Black Cats Media
Fabric: 28ct white evenweave
Threads: DMC, and I changed the dog to sulky 1070 as the DMC color was too light
Stitch Count: 120 x 120, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch

 Only a little more until this is finished.

We had a quiet White Christmas - even with the warmer temps, we still had snow on the ground. I cooked dinner for us and my parents. Lots of last minutes substitutions for gifts as we had quite a mess this year with weather related delivery issues.  Luckily everyone was happy.

Macey had the most presents.. toys and treats.. and a new bed. She naps on it during the day and then then still likes the human bed at night. LOL!

Here she is much happier to have her antlers taken off.

Sorry about the blurry photo - She wouldn't stay put when the new toys showed up.

 This is a flat squeaker from my brother.

Sadly we got news that another of my great-uncles has passed just before my birthday mid-month.

So now I'm a year older.. and officially retired. That means a lot of:

Stash: (Birthday, Christmas and Retirement)

My Witchy Stitchy needle minder came in and since they offered free shipping, I added  a few more things.

 (Some Stony Creek charts, and a pair of scissors)

 Halloween and Snowmen...


Then I received some stitching happiness on my birthday -  A lovely kit (Remind you of someone?)

Erica Michaels Mooseberry (Linen and Silk),
Chessie and Me Stellas's Sleigh Ride,
White Willow Yule (bookmark),

So more winter..

and yes..more Halloween ...

LaD Da the Raven.. I plan to do on  that lovely purple PTP (16cy Whimsey)

and  a snippet uninvited guest by charting creations.

Christmas brought some more fun.

Again.. fall

 Waxing Moon turkey trio


you guess it.. more winter!

Blackbird Designs Frosty's Night Out
Victoria Sampler Jingle Bell XMAS Tree Farm
Hands on Design Ready set snow
Heart in Hand Winter Bird
Foxwood Crossings Freezing Season
and the Stitchin' Stuff Special December Box

Then I spent some of my first retirement check (which should be here any day now) and picked up a few pieces of fabric

Some PTP Aida and some linens/evenweaves


Birthday cards and  flosses have been arriving throughout the month - just a few more are due in. I did join the birthday floss club again for next year. Since Christmas, I've been trying my sewing machine talents to make something for next year's group of ladies.. not sure how it will turn out.. but I've been trying my hand at vinyl project peek a boo bags.. I also picked out a fabric to make a new pillow sham as the one on our couch has finally worn out. Hopefully I'll have a picture next update.

We've been having nasty weather since yesterday evening. Freezing rain started around 5pm.

I fell around 5:30 this morning while taking Macey out for a walk. Nothing broken.. just some bruising. My arm (elbow) is sore as that is the worst of it so far.
Around noon today, it finally switched over to sleet and snow.. So happy!
Trees are snapping. ..we lost power this morning but it came back fairly quickly..just hope it stays on tonight.

It does look pretty though.
Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.