Sunday, April 8, 2018

April 2018: Back after a long absence

Hello everyone,
Apologies for the long absence. February was a tough month. Superbowl Sunday we had about 12" of snow. The following morning Dad got the stomach flu bug. A few days later Mom had come down with it and then a week or so later it was in our house with DH & I sharing a cold for the rest of the month. March came in like a lion... we got hit with 3 coastal storms. This month we saw a touch of spring with the robins returning earlier this week before the arrival of more snow.

I mentioned on an earlier post that I had signed up for a bookmark exchange on the 123stitch message board. The exchange is over so now I can share. We listed a few of our favorite things, and since birds were on her list, I chose to stitch for my partner this lovely
Chickadee Bookmark published in the December 2008 Issue of The Cross Stitcher (US)
Design by Melinda Medeiros
Fabric: 32ct Silkweaver Spanish Moss Belfast
Threads: DMC, DMC Color Variations
Stitch Count: 34 x 87, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, Four Sided Stitch, Hem Stitch

 I'm so glad my partner like it.


I listed some animals that are my favorites, and my partner selected and stitched me this lovely wolf design.

Such a beautiful job of stitching and finishing... I just adore my new bookmark.

When I finally felt better I picked up this quickie...

Christmas Log Carrier Ornament
Design by Judy Ignasiak
Published in Just Cross Stitch February 2018 Issue
Fabric: 18ct Fiddlers Light Oatmeal
Threads: DMC
Stitch count:42 x 41, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch, Backstitch, French Knots, Modified Smyrna Stitch


Next stitch was this lovely design:

Woodsy Bookmark © Design by Nicoletta Farrauto of Nikyscreations
published in the February 2018 issue of Just Cross Stitch.
Fabric: 28ct WDW Natural/Tin Roof Gingham
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 33 x 85, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, Smyrna


 Then I picked up my beading so I could get this present for DH finished for opening week of baseball season...  These bracelet cuff patterns make really nice bookmarks.

 Miyuki delica beads
White Silamide thread
98 Rows , 36 columns

I'm currently working on another beaded bracelet cuff panel from the same etsy store (Lisa Strassheim/SmartArtsSupply) that will be finished as a bookmark - will share next month.

I also stitched up some St. Patrick's day themed smalls.. but I have to wait for the camera batteries to charge .. so I'll share those next time.

Samantha is doing fine... just had to share this ... she's must have been watching the commercials leading up to the dog show on Animal Planet.. (Actually DH sneezed- she got scared and this was the result!)

She also had a grand time with the snowfall during the coastal storms...

Stash: I saw a design by Frony Ritter (Lucky Charms) in the April 2018 issue of Just Cross Stitch. It used a metallic thread by Threadnuts.. so I went to their site and a few items hopped in my shopping cart with it. Aren't these lovely looking fibers?

This was Friday night... looks so nice - but only if you don't have to go anywhere.

Sunset Early April.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day,
Lisa M.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018 update & some stitching

Hi everyone,

I had planned on a December post for year end but got tied up with company. My brother showed up just before Christmas as his stint in New Mexico was finished and his new position near Las Vegas didn't start till mid-January. It took over an hour to get him up our steep icy driveway as we had been getting freezing rain all that day.

Since we were having a week of bad weather I spent Christmas eve cooking  and we brought my parents a week worth of meals so they didn't have to  wander out on icy roads. They had a nice surprise as they weren't expecting to see my brother - even better was that they didn't have to do anything special as meals were prepared and we put him up at our house .

It was nice getting the 10" powder snow on Christmas.  We normally get the heavy wet coastal storm snow- powder was such a treat.

Since then we've had lots of freezing rain events. which has caused quite a buildup of ice on the driveway and constant sanding (and chopping ice) to keep Samantha safe.

All my stitching stuff got put away for the holidays - but I'm slowly getting it all back in order. I did misplace a few things- some were things I set aside to complete the finishing of a few projects - others were my kitted up projects that I wanted as fill-ins for January. Hopefully they'll turn up soon.

But I do have a few stitch-y things to share...I got this freebie in the mail with an order.
Elf Sled © 2016 Cynthia Stalcup Smelcer DBA Foxwood Crossings

Fabric: 28ct white evenweave (instead of the white perforated paper)
Threads: WDW & DMC
Stitch Count: 30 x 17, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch
Now where is the sled for him.. hmmm.. maybe I should look with my paints when I finish this post.

While putting things away for the holidays, I stumbled on this sweet kit that I had forgotten I kept this one out to finish the stitching before Christmas.

Faithwurks Seasonal Spool Series: Well Loved Dog kit © 2004 Faithwurks
Fabric: 16ct Zweigart banding
Threads: Anchor floss
Stitch Count: 32 x 14, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch, Backstitch
Now where is my sharpie marker to personalize?

Here's a close up:

First Finish of 2018 was this gem..

Christmas 2017 © 2017 Whispered by the Wind LLC
Fabric: 32 ct Stormy Night Belfast
Threads: DMC , Kreinik #4
Stitch Count: 49 x 62, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, 1/4 stitches, back stitch
Freebie chart available here
It was still in the hoop when I took this picture.

I love the colors in this fabric...hmm might have to get a large piece for one of my wolf HAEDs.


Next I picked up and finished

Snowman Sled © Frony Ritter Designs  published in the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments
Fabric: 28 ct white evenweave (instead of the white perforated paper)
Threads: DMC , GAST
Beads: Mill Hill
Stitch Count:31 x 19, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, french knots, back stitch, long stitch

The sled for him must be with my other sled...Looks like February will be a finishing month.

I had planned on a new year's new start - but DH has been battling a cold for the past few weeks - and I haven't had the time to just sit & stitch. Most of my free time has been running errands for Mom & Dad - I have been doing their shopping and since their walkway/driveway is so icy. And December and January had quite a few days of below zero temperatures. Samantha & I had to bundle up for our daily walks.

Now I have a small pile of what's next (new ones since I haven't finished digging out what I put away in early December); but I have to finish my current project first. Right now I'm working on a bookmark exchange that will be mailed out for early March. Hope to finish it up by the end of next week. I spent a week digging through patterns trying to decide what to stitch.. and founds lots that I had forgotten about.

I turned another year older last month. It was a quiet day.  DH had me pick out a few more ETSY beading patterns that will be bookmarks. Desert in the sunset, Horse, Scenic Lake, and a Mets one for him.

December Birthday & Christmas Stash: I know I'm forgetting a few small patriotic themed kits from my dear brother, and DH added to my magazine collection with a stony creek and a few of the out of print US Cross Stitcher that I was missing. This month  I ordered a few threads that I needed for a project.

New Stash: Foxwood- snowy friends& snowy barns

Handblessings ...think these will make nice scissor fobs


 Just Nan Christmas Mouse


 Praiseworthy kit

 The drawn Thread...

And the Silver Needle Circle of friends kit for December

Samantha had her annual exam earlier this month. Lyme vaccine, blood work, etc. Liver is improved,  thyroid stable, weight is at 108 pounds. Doctor said she's doing very well for her advanced age of 13-14. She had the cyst on her neck drained.


Dad had some appointments that had to be changed due to the bad weather.. but he is doing okay.

I joined a Birthday floss exchange group for the new DMC colors. Next year at this time, I'll have some nice floss to use.

Until next time,

Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M. & Samantha

Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017 - Giving Thanks & A Lovely Exchange

Hi everyone,
Last month I mentioned taking part in a Christmas exchange. This was an exchange offered on the 123 stitch message board. Mail out date was for it to arrive by the 1st of November.

I can now share with you this lovely exchange.For my partner, A.D. ,I chose to stitch:

 A Merry Little House © Thea Dueck of the Victoria Sampler published in the 2008 Special Christmas Issue of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments (Front views)
Fabric:32ct Lemon Zest by silkweaver and 32 ct Black
Threads:Kreinik Silk Mori, Gloriana Silk, Caron Collection Waterlilies, NPI Silk, DMC 12 for cord
Stitch Count: 46 x 18 for sides 1 & 3, 41 x 18 sides 2 & 4, 18 x 18 Base, 13 x 18 Roof (2 pieces)
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, Straight stitch, French Knot, over 1 stitching
We had unexpected company as I was gluing the foam core to the roof pieces, so it was a bit more fiddly to work with while assembling... but all in all it didn't turn out to bad. In hindsight, I would have used a much lighter thread for the backstitch in the roof area,  instead of the charted color. I also forgot how small it would be on 32ct instead of the 28ct.

Back view


I also beaded my partner this lovely purple colorway Soldier © Jill Oxton Cross Stitch and Beading Issue 67
Miyuki Delicas
Blue Nymo thread
Stitch Count:27 x 43
Square stitch

When I found out my partner liked the color  purple, I dug though my stash and found I had some purple fabrics to make her some fabric trays.

And a matching ort catcher...I filled the trays with skeins of thread, a package of needles, a beaded scissor fob, a button turned into a needleminder, and a sweet treat from our area -maple syrup candy. I'm so happy that my partner liked her Christmas surprise.

She made me this beautiful ornament.

Here's a closer look...

And here is the back...

So lovely! She included some wonderful extras that will be put to good use...A holiday towel, some DMC threads, a notepad & purple pen...and a flat magnifier which will come in very handy for my HAED projects....Thanks so much A.D. It was a lovely exchange!

This little treasure was in my freebies binder that I got with an online order. Such a fun quick little stitch  -
So Thankful © 2011 by Cathy Habermann & Theresa Curry Cherrywood Design Studios
Fabric: 28 ct flax evenweave
Stitch Count:42 x 42, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

New Stash: Just Nan Christmas Mouse in a House

Samantha is doing fine. She's happy that the colder weather has come.. and overjoyed on the mornings that we've woken up to a fresh dusting of snow.

Earlier this week, left home to take Mom shopping..but only made it about 15 miles before I had car problems- overheated. Turns out the water pump needed to be replaced. Luckily it was fixed the next day. 

Yesterday (Friday) was a busy day... While DH was away at a Dr. appointment, I was making pies for our historical society to sell at the annual Christmas Bazaar. I baked three pies for the sale: a peppermint cheesecake brownie, fudge- topped pecan- cream cheese -brownie pie, and a pumpkin cheesecake pecan crust. Also made a traditional pumpkin pie for my parents house as they are expecting company this weekend.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.