Sunday, July 29, 2018

July 2018 Some stitching progress

Hello everyone,
We've had a lot more hazy hot & humid weather this month.

I originally planned to continue stitching some smalls (patriotic and Christmas ornaments) and work on an older project or 2 that I had set aside - dug out lots of patterns and fabrics...more than I could possibly finish in a month...but I just kept going back to look at my Mystic Garden. I have another 1 (okay at least 3 more HAED's that I want to start right away... but I promised myself not until I got this one just about finished). My pile of smalls is now patiently waiting to be picked up again - or maybe they'll be my take along projects.

2013BB SAL QS Mystic Garden (It is a cropped version of Peacock Garden.)
Design by Michele Sayetta Artwork by Ciro Marchetti
Fabric: 28ct Picture this Plus Valor
Threads: DMC & Kreinik#4
Stitch Count: 139 x 138, 1 over 1 full cross.

When I put it aside May 2017,  I had  9490 stitches... Now I have completed 11200 stitches. I love how this is coming out... Almost getting to the second tiger. Hopefully I'll have more time this month to work on it - depends on my parents appointments as this one doesn't get to travel with me. I now have the full width and height completed of this cropped version.

I also picked up this UFO during our recent heat wave at the beginning of the month...and figured it wouldn't take very long to finish. At first, I wondered why I had set it aside. It didn't take me long to figure out it was because I hated working on 12ct aida - the 4 strands for coverage made it a bit bulkie for my tastes. The pattern called for a 24ct stitchband that I didn't have. When I started it, I  remembered just having moved some 12ct., so I took it out and got started right away. I should have put a little more thought into it as I would have preferred using my 22-28 ct and  then I could have easily  added some sort of border stitching.There are 2 more in the set... so lesson time, I'll stitch on a higher count. The fabric that it's on is what I chose to use for backing fabric.

Patriotic bookmark...
United We Stand
Published in the October 2002 Issue of the Cross Stitcher (USA)
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
Fabric:12ct Off White Aida
Threads: DMC & Kreinik #4
Stitch Count: 24 x 80, 4 over 1
Cross Stitch, Backstitch

I also finished a small beading project - cuff bracelet pattern to be another one of my charity bookmarks.

Landscape1 © Lisa Strassheim (SmartArtsSupply) from her etsy store here
Miyuki delicas
Natural silimide
36 rows, 99 columns
even peyote

Not much Stash shopping this month - only the JCS Halloween and a few threads. Just realized that one of the threads I got was the wrong color to finish up an earlier project so  I'll probably be placing another order later this week.


Until next time,
Have a wonderful day.
Lisa M.