Saturday, December 2, 2017

November 2017 - Giving Thanks & A Lovely Exchange

Hi everyone,
Last month I mentioned taking part in a Christmas exchange. This was an exchange offered on the 123 stitch message board. Mail out date was for it to arrive by the 1st of November.

I can now share with you this lovely exchange.For my partner, A.D. ,I chose to stitch:

 A Merry Little House © Thea Dueck of the Victoria Sampler published in the 2008 Special Christmas Issue of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments (Front views)
Fabric:32ct Lemon Zest by silkweaver and 32 ct Black
Threads:Kreinik Silk Mori, Gloriana Silk, Caron Collection Waterlilies, NPI Silk, DMC 12 for cord
Stitch Count: 46 x 18 for sides 1 & 3, 41 x 18 sides 2 & 4, 18 x 18 Base, 13 x 18 Roof (2 pieces)
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, Straight stitch, French Knot, over 1 stitching
We had unexpected company as I was gluing the foam core to the roof pieces, so it was a bit more fiddly to work with while assembling... but all in all it didn't turn out to bad. In hindsight, I would have used a much lighter thread for the backstitch in the roof area,  instead of the charted color. I also forgot how small it would be on 32ct instead of the 28ct.

Back view


I also beaded my partner this lovely purple colorway Soldier © Jill Oxton Cross Stitch and Beading Issue 67
Miyuki Delicas
Blue Nymo thread
Stitch Count:27 x 43
Square stitch

When I found out my partner liked the color  purple, I dug though my stash and found I had some purple fabrics to make her some fabric trays.

And a matching ort catcher...I filled the trays with skeins of thread, a package of needles, a beaded scissor fob, a button turned into a needleminder, and a sweet treat from our area -maple syrup candy. I'm so happy that my partner liked her Christmas surprise.

She made me this beautiful ornament.

Here's a closer look...

And here is the back...

So lovely! She included some wonderful extras that will be put to good use...A holiday towel, some DMC threads, a notepad & purple pen...and a flat magnifier which will come in very handy for my HAED projects....Thanks so much A.D. It was a lovely exchange!

This little treasure was in my freebies binder that I got with an online order. Such a fun quick little stitch  -
So Thankful © 2011 by Cathy Habermann & Theresa Curry Cherrywood Design Studios
Fabric: 28 ct flax evenweave
Stitch Count:42 x 42, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

New Stash: Just Nan Christmas Mouse in a House

Samantha is doing fine. She's happy that the colder weather has come.. and overjoyed on the mornings that we've woken up to a fresh dusting of snow.

Earlier this week, left home to take Mom shopping..but only made it about 15 miles before I had car problems- overheated. Turns out the water pump needed to be replaced. Luckily it was fixed the next day. 

Yesterday (Friday) was a busy day... While DH was away at a Dr. appointment, I was making pies for our historical society to sell at the annual Christmas Bazaar. I baked three pies for the sale: a peppermint cheesecake brownie, fudge- topped pecan- cream cheese -brownie pie, and a pumpkin cheesecake pecan crust. Also made a traditional pumpkin pie for my parents house as they are expecting company this weekend.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

September - October 2017 update Happy Owl-ween

Hi everyone,
It's been busy here... September flew by and now we are nearing the end of October.

The grapes turned,
The pool is closed for the season,
The wood is stacked,
The sand- salt barrels are filled,and
The waxwings and robins have eaten most of the berries on our mountain ash trees.
But enough about some of the fall chores...I still found the time for a bit of stitching.

This little treasure was in my freebies binder that I got with an online order. Such a fun quick little stitch  - although I misread the chart...There were 2 symbols similar a dash and a bold dash... well I was quite far along before I noticed that I still hadn't used the GAST Nutmeg.... hmmmm
Anyhow, I thought it looked nice using the GAST Brandy for both symbols so I left it and continued on to finish.

Owl on an Egg © Bent Creek
Fabric: 28ct Flax
Threads: GAST, WDW
Stitch Count: 28 x 54, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

Here is Gone Batty © Design by Christy Schmitz, published in the 2016 Halloween Issue of Just Cross Stitch
 Fabric: 28ct Antique White Lugana
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 11 x 105, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch
I have some ribbon (black & white chevron) that I will use to try to turn this into a bookmark

 I continued my beading projects...First Up -

Pointsettia and Holly Berry © 2003 Deb Moffett-Hall
Miyuki Delica Beads
Black Nymo thread
Bead Count: 22 columns x 83 rows

One of my Etsy purchases was for this lovely autumn bracelet cuff - I love this design so much! Fall is my favorite season and when I saw the birch trees I knew I had to make this. Since I'm not much of a jewelry person, I plan to coat it with acrylic floor wax and use it as a bookmark.My Mom saw it as I was finishing and it looks like I'll be making one for her as well.
"Autumn" Pattern by Diushes found at Etsy here
Miyuki Delica Beads
Natural Silamide thread
Bead Count: 40 columns x 100 rows

I also stitched and finished my Christmas exchange and got it mailed out a few days ago. Hope to share that with you next month.

Earlier this month was our 19 year wedding anniversary - Dad had a scheduled Dr. visit that day- but I got home in time to cook us a nice meal.

New Stash:
Silver needle Circle of Friends Kit by SamSarah Designs and

Just Nan Autumn mouse in a house series.

I ordered some of the sulky 12wt from Amazon... fall and Christmas favorites... can't wait to try them out!

Samantha went to the vet at the end of September for her routine nail trim and clip, and to drain the cyst on her neck as it was filling with fluid again. She was also treated for pink eye and a problem with two of  her paws - the tissue was a bit unhealthy looking... so she was on an antibiotic for 14 days. She is doing much better now.
A few days ago, she slipped while going upstairs...she never made a sound...we thought the worst... but after a few minutes she got up fine and climbed the stairs...just to be sure,  she went another checkup...nothing hurt...we aren't sure what caused it but it was a scary afternoon /evening for us - especially since it was exactly 1 year since we lost her brother.

Dad had another flare up in late August - though late October:  Leg edema; discoloration  and skin sloughing...first round of antibiotics did not help much...and it was difficult for him to walk. He's feeling a bit better now. Since he & Mom couldn't go out to celebrate their 56 year wedding anniversary, I made them a dinner and dessert and brought it over to them.

Power outages have been fairly regular... and the last one brought this visitor up to our back door... on the way to the apple trees.

It's rainy today but I'm sure the snow isn't too far off. Still have some fall chores to get done, but I'll save them for later in the week when it's nicer outside. 
Until next time,
I'll leave you with this view.

Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Friday, September 1, 2017

August 2017 - Hazy, Hot & Humid

Hello everyone,

I didn't get very much stitching done this month - Mainly because I've spent most of my spare time in our basement with Samantha - it's at least 10 to 15 degrees cooler and she's much happier downstairs.

One project I did get to finish was this lovely fall bookmark that was in the October 2008 issue of The Cross Stitcher (US.) Vol 25 #5

Pumpkin Patch Bookmark © Melinda Medeiros of Mederios Needlecraft Design
Fabric: 32ct Willow green (Equiv of DMC 372)
Thread:DMC, GAST, Kreinik#4,
Stitch Count: 34 x 87, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Backstitch, Four Sided Stitch, Hemstitch

 Fall is definitely in the air this week. Temps are cooler - some of the early trees have already started to show color, and the apples are almost ready for picking. We have seen more deer and fawns (still with their spots) in the last week.  The Mountain Ash berries are ripe and the birds (robins, waxwings, chickadees and others) have been flitting to and fro gobbling up these delicious treats. The hummingbirds have been tanking up as they are preparing to leave us in the next week or two.

The basement lighting isn't great for stitching but since that is where our PC is, it's not that much of a struggle. I did get some of my stitching supplies put away- and I did manage to get all of my beading patterns together in the same place. Most of my delica beads are organized as well. I spent more time than I should browsing Etsy for some of the bracelet cuff beading patterns that can also be finished off as lovely suncatchers or bookmarks. Hopefully I can get some finished as gifts for this year. I seem to forget that these projects usually take me longer than if I was stitching. And since I'm using a short sharp needle I tend to stab myself more often than not. LOL!

Once I had all my beading patterns together, I found some that I had forgotten which meant that I dug out some beads and cleared off a space on the table to spend my early mornings and late evenings.

Here are Pine Bunny & Snow Deer Panels © 2003 Deb Moffett-Hall
Miyuki Delica Beads
Black Nymo thread
Bead Count: 22 columns x 83 rows
I'm not sure if I'm going to do a netted ornament with these - if so I'll need to make 2 more of each... or I might do another finish (depends on how much free time I have before the  holidays).

Stash this month consisted of the Silver Needle Circle of Friends Kit - Heartstring Samplery.


Samantha is doing well. She's been enjoying the cooler temps this week as summer nears the end. Last night was cool- we actually had a frost warning and temperature highs tomorrow are expected to be in the  50's F.

Mom is doing well with her new glasses.

Dad continues to have some good days and some bad days.

I do have a Christmas ornament exchange coming up so next month I should finalize my plans for that project and hopefully get it all stitched and finished off by early October.  

I'll leave you with these lovely visitors that we've been watching all month.

and one last look at the evening sky...

 Until next time -

Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

June & July 2017 update

Hello everyone,

I missed last month's update so decided to combine the two here.
I started out the June with this lovely freebie - and thought I'd stitch it over one since it was all whole cross stitches. I couldn't find my 28ct I dug out a small snippet of 32ct.I plan to finish this as a small scissor fob.

American Pride © 2017 The Nebby Needle
Fabric: 32ct Black Belfast
Stitch Count:26 x27, 1 over 1
Cross Stitch

Next I received my August 2017 issue of Just Cross stitch in the mail... and since it has the Annual Christmas Ornament Preview, I had to take a look... and then since I was just about done with my over one stitching, I opted to do this easy one -

Blue Santa Drop Ornament © Design by Lee Fisher of Stitchyfish Designs
Fabric: 14ct Starlite Silver Aida
Stitch Count:82 x 21, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch, Straight Stitch.
I actually had to begin this twice as I cut the fabric piece the wrong size at first- I forgot about the template shape.Now I'm just waiting for my trims to arrive so I can finish this. I ordered some Estaz colors to try out.

Beginning of July our almost 4 year old propane range had a problem. Luckily the cook top was still functioning and no gas problem. So we dug out the paperwork and found we had 2 months left on the warrantee. Took about 10 days for repair  to come- then parts had to be ordered- parts were back-ordered. Repair was scheduled for the day after the parts arrived.  It it so nice to finally have my oven / broiler again. I was so tired of slow cooker /microwave meals.

Mom had her cataract surgery left eye mid-July. Follow- ups scheduled for one day, one week, and one month. 

While waiting during Mom's surgery, I dug out this kit from my purse - it will make a cute bookmark for a child.

Frog Kit 4125 © Needlemagic, Inc
14ct white  Aida
yarn included
Stitch Count: 25 x 26, 1 over 1
Cross Stitch, Back stitch

  oops my flash must have been off.

Dad continues to heal - He had to have more circulation tests done early July - but the technician didn't know why as they were done 2 months prior at a different facility - maybe it was misfiled?

I finished this project that I mentioned a few months ago.

Wee Spring © 1996 Heart in Hand (Cecilia Turner Needle Artist) part of the wee one series
Fabric: 32ct Desert Sand
Threads: GAST, Wisper
Stitch Count: 68 x68, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, Eyelet Stitch

I also stitched up:

Love bits: Love Baseball © Hinzeit

Fabric: 28ct antique white
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 31 x 41, 2over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch
I contacted the designer in early June, but still haven't heard back as there were a few mistakes in the chart (mostly with the baseball). Hopefully she'll post the corrections soon. 

I did manage to get one more patriotic chart stitched up - this was a quick one.

Celebration Flags Freedom CF-6 © Frony Ritter Designs
Fabric: 28ct antique white
Threads: DMC, Kreinik#4
Stitch Count: 43 x 43, 2over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch

My HAED is coming along... hopefully I'll have enough done to post another picture soon.

New Stash:I took advantage of the flash sale at Heaven and Earth designs. I added Mini Quiet Reflection (Lisa Parker), Mini Guidance (Lisa Parker), Mini Spirit of the Pack (Dona Gelsinger), Mini Blue Moon (David Penfound Artworks), and Mini The Curse of the Dragonfly (Chris Ortega)

I had planned to order some fabric during the Picture This Plus Sale - but that was the day I had to take Mom for her surgery follow up and then she needed to do some shopping. So later this month I'll pick out the colors I want for some of my HAEDs... I still have to narrow it down- but so far I'm thing about Crystal Alchemy or maybe Jay for the Mini Quiet Reflection, Vedlt for Mini Last Look, Crystal pewter for Mini Frozen Hearts, Twilight for Mini Curse of the Dragonfly, Nocturne or Jay for Mini Night Unseen.

I'm looking for a leaflet #2077 published  1994 by Just Cross stitch called Wild Kingdom Bookmarks.  Please contact me if you have it available for sale.

Samantha: had a nice visit at the vet... routine nail trim, hygienic clip, blood work for her liver and her rabies shot. Her liver function has improved!

Last month she brought in a treasure.. DH noticed it around 3am... he saw a bright light on the living room floor. At first he thought it was on of my craft things that blew off the table near the window... but no... it wasn't mine. I wondered why Samantha came down the hallway and laid just outside the bedroom.. Can you guess? Yep, she brought in a firefly. and she was scared cause the room was so bright with all the blinking. LOL!. We rescued it and put it back outside. So when I saw the Cross eyed Cricket freebie Summer in a jar, I knew that I had to order the firefly buttons so I could stitch this up.  Hopefully it will stay on top of my to-do pile!

Until next time -
I'll leave you with these lovely visitors,

Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 2017

Hello everyone,

May was a busy month of appointments.

We opened our pool on the first week of May.

May 7th & 8th we had snow flurries and light snow showers - only a dusting...but still not the greatest spring weather. But the snow didn't keep our hummingbirds from showing up.. first sighting was May12th. All the summer birds have been returning.

It was nice to see this bluebird stop by.

Summer has arrived...The lilacs and apples have blossomed and the peonies have buds. The azaleas are flowering now and Mom's peach tree had it's first blossoms.

I had to have my Jeep serviced, so I dug out this kit while I was waiting... It made a cute little bookmark. You can see the yellow backing fabric I used.
NMI kit - Busy Bees Item 3829 Sleepy Bear© NeedleMagic, Inc.
14ct Ivory Aida
Single strand yard
Stitch Count:  28x 35, one over 1
Cross stitch, Back stitch

Next project I dug out was Hearts of America 3: Florida © 2002 Original design by Thea Dueck for the Victoria Sampler (HA#27)
Fabric:25ct antique white Luguna
Threads:DMC, Kreinik#4
Stitch Count:42 x 48, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch, Backstitch, Double Running Stitch, Wrapped Herringbone Stitch, Elongated Scotch Stitch

Then since my stash arrived, I had enough thread to finish Wee Spring © 1996 Heart in Hand but my HAED project called to me... and it is now almost 1/2 finished!
2013BB SAL QS Mystic Garden (It is a cropped version of Peacock Garden.)
Design by Michele Sayetta Artwork by Ciro Marchetti
28ct Picture this Plus Valor
DMC & Kreinik#4
Stitch Count: 139 x 138, 1 over 1 full cross
January 2017 I had 8430 stitches completed. Now at 9490 stitches complete.

That's about it for my stitching last month because once I was finishing up the NMI kit, I realized that I had several other smalls that needed to be finished... so I spent some time in my sewing room and finished a few other projects.

New Stash : Just Nan -Summer in a Mouse House design. I also used up my gift cards and splurged on some of these lovely designs.
Frony Ritter: Celebrations Flags: Freedom
Little House Designs:Early Americans Betsy Ross & John Hancock

Sue Hillis Designs: Play Baseball
Blackbird Designs: Lady Liberty and Hats off to uncle sam
Hinzeit: Love America, Flag Freedom

 Designs by Lisa:If you have a Lab
 Frony Ritter: Celebrations Flags: Snowman, Pot of Gold
 Little House Designs: Hometown Holiday The Bookstore

 Victoria Sampler's: Hearts of America 2 and 4
 Hinzeit:  Love 2 Nurse
These are for an idea I have for my brother who is a traveling nurse

Dad is doing better.. He is on a more frequent schedule with some of his doctors... but the new stronger compression stockings have helped.He also had his eyes checked (cataract still there but not time for surgery), hearing aids adjusted after ears checked, various blood tests due to the increased dosage of lasix, 2 visits with the vascular doctor, and a visit with his urologist.

Mom had her annual with primary and blood tests.

DH had a few dental visits...and he just had his sleep study - still waiting on the results to see if they think he has sleep apnea.

Samantha is enjoying the new smells and sounds that come with the change is weather.

Memorial Day weekend was rather damp.. and for the most part rainy. That means that the black flies and other insects have returned. Along with them, the peepers have been singing- and we found a small snapper turtle sunning itself by the pond yesterday. It looks like we might also have a groundhog in the field along with some turkeys. And one evening when I was taking Samantha out, we had a small snake warming itself on the driveway.
Until next time -

I'll leave you with this lovely scenic,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

March 2017 (Spring is in the Air) + April 2017 ( Easter treats)

Hello everyone,

It's been awhile since I posted...Life has kept me busy.

March came in like a lamb... and then turned into a lion all in the first day! Mid-month (Pi Day) brought snow (almost 2 feet) with blizzard conditions that came with the coastal storm. March ended like a lion with winds, rain, and snow flurries.

The weather has been bouncing.. some warm days then a cool patch... then slowly warming up again... We have green grass and our trees are starting to shoot. The crocuses, hyacinths, and daffodils have been opening up in the past week. Last night we had another frost, so it's much too early to begin planting anything other than the snow peas.

I took part in another ornament exchange - this one was Easter themed.

My partner CC (Australia) stitched me this beautiful waxing moon design - bunny egg mini.
So beautifully stitched and finished....I just adore it!

The backing fabric is just as lovely.

We mailed our parcels on the same day March 20th... Her parcel to me arrived before Easter...Around April 8th. The package I mailed her took the long route to it's destination - and only arrived a few days ago.

The design I stitched for  CC was from Book #107 Just Hatched © 2003 The Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 32ct Ivory Evenweave
Stitch Count:64 x 54, 2over 2
Cross Stitch
I also made her a little pincushion with the same design..

I found a cute bunny bead so that meant making a scissors bling, and I attached a magnet to this cute little wooden chick to make a needle minder.

Then I found this cute fabric with easter eggs, and dug out some white bunny buttons, and... voila...finished this cute ort container.

Since my package was apparently lost, I started in on another Easter design to mail out as a replacement and was just finishing it up this week when I got the word that she received my package.

Parade Bunny Egg © March 2017 Complimentary chart from the Cricket Collection
Fabric: 32ct Antique Ivory Evenweave
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 35 x 43, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, French Knots

Other stitching for March & April was this lovely design that will either be a small bookmark or an ornament.
Alphabet Dogs #295: Puppy © 2014 JBW Designs
Fabric: 32ct Antique White
Threads: WDW
Stitch Count: 33 x 43, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

And, I finished up another older freebie...
Penguins © Charles Craft
Fabric: 18ct antique white
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 34 x 114, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch

As I mentioned in my last post, I started a spring stitch...I still haven't finished it yet...I have to dig out my other skein of oatmeal and just haven't had the time to go through my kitted up patterns.
Wee Spring © 1996 Heart in Hand (Cecilia Turner Needle Artist) part of the wee one series
Fabric: 32ct Desert Sand
Threads: GAST, Wisper
Stitch Count: 68 x68, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, Eyelet Stitch

New Stash: I caved... I saw the cute new Spring in a Mouse House design and ordered the series... and while I was at it,  the Rosebud Tweet flew into my shopping cart along with Frony Ritter He Arose.

Then I got an email - I won this chart during the online needlework show.This will be a lovely tribute piece. I have the fabric ordered and hope it gets here soon.

And lastly, I received my final kit in the Silver Needle stitching circle of friends round 2. 

My brother's contract job has ended and he stopped in for a short visit before heading southwest. We celebrated his May birthday before he left.

My niece went to France & Italy - and was in Paris during the recent events. So glad she is safely home.

Dad continues to heal and sees a quite a few of his specialists this month, And his birthday celebration was at the end of last month.

Tomorrow I'm cooking a special meal as this week is my Mom's birthday and she asked for her favorite dessert... I decided a whole meal delivered would give her a nice treat.

Samantha is doing fine.. although she continues to have flare ups of the colitis... still treating each episode until they become so close that we need to keep her on the medication permanently.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.