Monday, October 1, 2018

September 2018 embracing my inner geek

Hello everyone,
Time has gotten away from me this month. The weather has changed and we've seen some lovely sights.I thought I'd get more stitching done and most of this months sharing completely finished but I've been enjoying the good weather (and some pretty bad allergies).

When I saw this chart I had a good laugh and knew that I had to stitch it up

Pumpkin PI ( π ) Design by Jennifer Rodriguez of Always Time to Stitch
published in the Just Cross Stitch Special Halloween Issue 2018
Fabric:28ct queens anne lace
Threads: DMC, GAST
Stitch Count: 33 x 30, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, Running Stitch
This is a gift for my housemate from college (also an engineer) as I know she'll get a good laugh from it as well.

A fellow stitcher kindly gifted me with this Bent Creek snappers chart.
September Brings © 2003 Bent Creek
Fabric: 32ct Lambswool evenweave
Threads: GAST & WDW
Stitch Count:50 x 50, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Long Stitch

I couldn't find theWDW Dark Chocolate called for - I did have it in GAST. Maybe a chart error? DMC Colors are listed and my GAST was close enough to be a match.

I forgot that I still had a bit of water in my iron...ugh the red  colorfast I tried the ice cube method and the red bleeding came out- but the green started to bleed. ugh...But lots of ice's okay! I was rushing and for no real reason...this wasn't going to be a gift...I really should have taken my time.. guess the heat got to me and I didn't think - LOL!

I've been waiting for my subscription- Just cross stitch ornament magazine -before starting my exchange piece in case I decide I like something else for my partner... Mid month and it still isn't here.. The Christmas Ornament Exchange is coming up soon - so I started my partners ornament and the next day it showed up!

So more stitching is done...(almost finished) just can't share yet as it's a surprise.. will share the exchange in November.

Not enough progress on anything else for this month... hopefully next month will be better.

Stash: Silver Needle A Little Help from our friends stitching Circle (Samplers Not Forgotten) and
Then I was surfing on the internet and found a few charts on sale -

Scarlet House Salem Hill Sampler
Heartstring Samplery Winter Snow Stocking

 Heartstring Samplery Stars & Strips Forever Stocking
Chessie & Me Autumn Blessings

JBW Alphabet Owl

DH & I had to travel south to run some errands for my parents and we finally had a bit of extra time so he stopped at Hobby Lobby. I've only managed to schedule a quick visit one other time so it was a nice treat. I did find a few treasures...mostly some charms and crystals for finishing.. and a package of delightful pumpkin shaped jingle bells...  Now where are my fall patterns? I also found a couple of bookmark kits.

I won a delightful chart from a fellow stitcher's giveaway. Kustom Krafts Snowy Wolf. Thinking of doing over 1 on 28ct. I hope to start it as soon as I finish my exchange.

The bears have been pretty active. Our neighbor has seen a female, large male, and a female with 2 cubs on his trail cameras between our houses. We had some broken branches on our apple trees so it's a pretty good bet the the bears were hungry.

The deer have been busily eating the crab apples. We've seen  a doe several times with her 2 spotted fawns..  we thought one of them got hit as we've only seen the one fawn until the the past few days when we saw 2 it must be 2 separate does that are about the same size.. one with twins and another one with just this one.

The fawns aren't the only deer we've seen.. This buck has been coming by daily... neighbor says there are two eating at our back apple trees... But on this day he was joined by a flock of 22 turkeys.

 more turkeys

Took my 10yr old Jeep in for servicing and found out that about 1/2 the lug nuts were frozen and needed to be replaced.... brakes were worn- need replacing (no surprise)...and the original muffler/tailpipe has seen better days...(What did I expect after 10 years?) So they ordered the brakes and I went back the next week. I will take care of the rest in November when I get the inspection done.

More repairs: this time plumbing repairs - our bath sink trap was leaking and the joint was disintegrating. I don't know why I was looking in that vanity as it is not our primary but so glad I caught it before it made a mess.

Dad's leg edema has flared up so he had some extra appointments to make sure no infection sets in. Still having an issue but it's going to take time to heal.

Mom also had to see the specialist and have x-rays. Her ankle is rolling on her and it's continuing to bother her.. nothing broken- just a ligament/tendon issue and flat feet.

 I'm still getting used to the shorter days. I don't seem to be looking for dusk at the right time.. but every few days I remember to look at the right time and  I was lucky enough to see some beautiful sunsets. 

We're still missing the pitter-patter (okay the loud thump- thump) of Samantha and Bucky - and we've started talking about looking at the shelters for another rescue after DH has his eye surgery.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.