Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 Valentine Exchange

Hello everyone,

This month I can share the lovely exchange I had with K.M. for Valentine's Day.

I chose to stitch her this lovely Erica Michaels berry design
Here it is before finishing...


Sweetberry (linen) © Erica Michaels
Fabric: 32ct Magnolia
Threads: WDW & GAST
Stitch Count:126 x72, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

Extras were optional - but so necessary -  I filled her box with some treasures.

And when I opened up her delightful box....

She stitched me this lovely pillow from a pattern she found online. So nicely stitched and beautifully finished!

And yes, she spoiled me as well as I found all these treasures in the package.


The only New Stash this month was my Silver Needle Stitches with friends circle kit by La-D-Da.

Mostly this month I worked on my Easter exchange that I'll share with you in April. I did start a small spring design a few days ago - that one I should have finished soon.

My Dad had another high blood pressure episode - this time with shortness of breath - so - another trip to the hospital this past week. The good thing is that they decided to do his heart stent surgery while he was there. He's home now. Still waiting for one of his new medications that needs approval from the insurance. And the Drs. have to continue tweaking his medications to determine which one is the cause of his problems. It took several hours for him to be admitted as the flu is rampant and the hospital was full when we arrived.

Samantha had another vet visit - she had another flare-up and was feeling poorly. It turns out that her stomach bug issue was colitis. She is now on a prescription food. We are waiting to see if she has to be on the medication with that permanently. But she is feeling better now and loves the new food.


We've had unseasonable weather lately. Our first Robin showed up on February 26th. I also saw (and heard) a large flock of geese returning. However, the evening before we had heavy rains that mixed with sleet and freezing rain before ending in a dusting of snow that left our trees looking very wintery.

Our neighbor's German shepherd loved it when we had to shovel off the porch roof.

This past week, the temperatures have been climbing and signs of melting are here...lots of fog, some patches of bare ground, and mud along the edge of the driveway. Although for the most part, we still have about 12" of snow remaining.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.