Friday, March 28, 2014

Where are the robins and Stitch from stash update for March

Hi Everyone,
Since my last blog post, I have spent so much more time shoveling and chopping ice than stitching. This is the year for more ice and colder than normal temperatures.We had more snow today and are expecting another 4 to 9 inches this weekend. Last year our robins and red winged blackbirds had arrived by now. Hopefully they will show up soon.

But in case you miss winter, here is a picture from today.

Our turkeys are back.. as you can see... more snow. They have been eating up all the frozen crabapples.

Now for my monthly stitch from stash update for March. (hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching)
I didn't get much stitching done at the end of February through early March as I had injured my hand when I was chopping ice. So as a result, I am behind on the model stitching that I mentioned last post. Sorry- can't post a picture.. but I dug through my finishing basket and found that I had this lovely finished in early January that I had forgotten about.
Dahl horse from Nordic Holiday Booklet 191 © 2013 The Prairie Schooler, Inc.
32ct White Jobelan (yes it is white... I took the picture late and forgot to adjust for it)
DMC Threads
Stitch count: 62 x 40, 2 over 2

When I saw this pattern last year, I knew that I had to stitch it... A few years ago before my dear grandmother passed she gave me a special present. It was a little wooden box that contained three little wooden hand made Dahl horses. She told me it was part of my heritage. (my Aunt had a similar package - hers were cream colored and mine were the red ones - We traded one so that now I have 2 red ones and a cream colored one). I had them tucked away in my doll cabinet and showed them to my mother recently. Mom did not know that my grandmother had passed them along to me. Shortly after, Mom gifted me with a beautiful candy dish in the same shape of the red dahl. (I'll share a pic when I get this beautiful piece all finished up).

I stayed off the computer for most of the month so DH could work on our taxes. So I am happy to report that again this month I spent $0.00.

Bucky is doing better. He went back to the vet for a follow up as he got sick from the antibiotics. Samantha went with him, for moral support... but got a quick check up at the same time as we mentioned her energy level was less than Bucky now that he was getting better. And that she loved to lay in the snow banks. Dr. tested her and found that Samantha had hookworms. Luckily we were able to get the medicine for her and her energy level is now improved.
Here is a picture of Bucky now that he is feeling better.
Until next time...Have a wonderful day!