Friday, September 1, 2017

August 2017 - Hazy, Hot & Humid

Hello everyone,

I didn't get very much stitching done this month - Mainly because I've spent most of my spare time in our basement with Samantha - it's at least 10 to 15 degrees cooler and she's much happier downstairs.

One project I did get to finish was this lovely fall bookmark that was in the October 2008 issue of The Cross Stitcher (US.) Vol 25 #5

Pumpkin Patch Bookmark © Melinda Medeiros of Mederios Needlecraft Design
Fabric: 32ct Willow green (Equiv of DMC 372)
Thread:DMC, GAST, Kreinik#4,
Stitch Count: 34 x 87, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch, Backstitch, Four Sided Stitch, Hemstitch

 Fall is definitely in the air this week. Temps are cooler - some of the early trees have already started to show color, and the apples are almost ready for picking. We have seen more deer and fawns (still with their spots) in the last week.  The Mountain Ash berries are ripe and the birds (robins, waxwings, chickadees and others) have been flitting to and fro gobbling up these delicious treats. The hummingbirds have been tanking up as they are preparing to leave us in the next week or two.

The basement lighting isn't great for stitching but since that is where our PC is, it's not that much of a struggle. I did get some of my stitching supplies put away- and I did manage to get all of my beading patterns together in the same place. Most of my delica beads are organized as well. I spent more time than I should browsing Etsy for some of the bracelet cuff beading patterns that can also be finished off as lovely suncatchers or bookmarks. Hopefully I can get some finished as gifts for this year. I seem to forget that these projects usually take me longer than if I was stitching. And since I'm using a short sharp needle I tend to stab myself more often than not. LOL!

Once I had all my beading patterns together, I found some that I had forgotten which meant that I dug out some beads and cleared off a space on the table to spend my early mornings and late evenings.

Here are Pine Bunny & Snow Deer Panels © 2003 Deb Moffett-Hall
Miyuki Delica Beads
Black Nymo thread
Bead Count: 22 columns x 83 rows
I'm not sure if I'm going to do a netted ornament with these - if so I'll need to make 2 more of each... or I might do another finish (depends on how much free time I have before the  holidays).

Stash this month consisted of the Silver Needle Circle of Friends Kit - Heartstring Samplery.


Samantha is doing well. She's been enjoying the cooler temps this week as summer nears the end. Last night was cool- we actually had a frost warning and temperature highs tomorrow are expected to be in the  50's F.

Mom is doing well with her new glasses.

Dad continues to have some good days and some bad days.

I do have a Christmas ornament exchange coming up so next month I should finalize my plans for that project and hopefully get it all stitched and finished off by early October.  

I'll leave you with these lovely visitors that we've been watching all month.

and one last look at the evening sky...

 Until next time -

Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.