Friday, July 29, 2016

July patriotic stitching - Update

Hello everyone,
I seem to be back on track.
July has been HHH (hazy, hot & humid).
The deer ate most of my hosta plants so I've been busy keeping the hummingbird feeders filled.

But nothing says summer like some patriotic, reading and baseball themes.

I managed to dig out some lovely projects this month - just didn't have enough time to finish all of them - so maybe I'll have more of them to share next month.
I found this older freebie on the back page of a newsletter (November 2001) from Cross Stitch and More, Inc. that was included in a care package from my brother in Florida.
Land That I Love by Erica Michaels
Fabric: 28ct PTP Fog (3024) ** Pattern calls for stitching over 2 on 18ct mountain mist
and finishing as a bellpull- instead this will be a cute little pin pillow finish.
Threads: WDW and substituted HDF Magpie Tears for the Deep Sea since my skein went missing (found it after I ordered a replacement and had already finished this)
Stitch Count: 22 x 53, 2 over 2 , Cross Stitch

Then I finished this up (This was one of my take along projects to Dr. visits )
Jefferson Quotation Bookmark  Kit PC-1504 © 2012 The Posy  Collection
Designer: Ceil Humphreys
Fabric: 18ct Charles Craft Ivory Aida
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 120 x32, 2 over 1
Cross, Stitch, Back Stitch, Long Stitch, French Knot

Next I wanted a cute summer fun stitch, so I chose this
Hootie Baseball Let's Play Ball (This was a Hootie Single)© PinoyStitch 2016
Fabric: 14ct Blue Aida
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 31 x 37, 2 over 1
Cross, Stitch, Back Stitch, Long Straight Stitch

Then I remembered that I had this lovely design kitted up - from the August 2014 Issue of Just Cross Stitch
Flowers & Flag Hornbook & Pincushion © Designs by Elizabeth Talledo of Dames of the Needle / Finger Work.
Fabric: 35ct Weeks Dye Works Cocoa
Threads: WDW, GAST and substituted  DMC 310 for the Nun's stitch
Stitch Count  - Pincushion: 35 x 35, 2 over 2 **I really should read the directions before starting - It calls for 1 strand over 2

and Hornbook...
Stitch Count  - Hornbook: 54 x 78, 2 over 2 *** I kept using 2 strands to match the pincushion- still have to complete the nun stitch border and paint my hornbook
Cross, Stitch, Nun's Stitch

Then when I was putting away my magazine, I quickly glanced through the pages and found this cute little design that I could make into a scissor fob. Fireworks Tag as published in the August 2014 Issue of Just Cross Stitch Design by Elizabeth Spurlock
Such a quick stitch - I just might do it again on black fabric as I expect the metallic threads will really pop.
Fabric: 40ct Misty Rain
Threads: DMC Light Effects & DMC Metallic
Stitch Count:33 x 33, 2 over 2
Cross Stitch

I also worked on 2 take along projects...will share all the details when I get them finished.

New Stash!
I ordered : The JCS Halloween issue, Imaginating Wild Animals Bookmarks, Hinzeit Love Dogs & Love Baseball, Just Nan Romeo Mouse, Heartstring Samplery Grand Old Flag Pin Drum - and a few skeins of threads.

After I sent my order in, I found there is a companion piece to the above Dames of the Needle Design - Flowers & Flag Tall Drum  - I just might have to get it!

Samantha went to the vet early this month for her necessary blood work - liver showed some improvement so the Denamarin seems to be working, and her thyroid levels were right where we need them so medication stayed the same. He did find that she had another yeast ear infection so tried a different medicine. Bucky is doing fine although this long stretch of Hazy Hot & Humid has their appetites diminished and their siesta times increasing- only when it is cooler late at night do they have lots of increased energy and appetites.

DH had some eye surgery to remove cysts and skin tags that were affecting his vision - much better now - even has some new glasses coming. Next month is the next cortisone shot in his back.

My Dad had a follow-up for his leg bypass surgery - there is a point in his thigh that has significantly increased velocity - might need a stent in the near future - but primary wants a repeat ultrasound and PVT test done first. So looks like August might be another busy month.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!