Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Problems with Blogger and a strawberry

Hello everyone! I'm hoping that this works. I now get a notice that the updated Blogger does not support my browser (IE). It seems that they want me to download Google Chrome... must be that they don't realize that isn't an easy task when you have a dial up connection.

Last week, I mentioned a treasure I found while shopping at A.C. Moore. I found these mother of pearl rings in a clearance bin. I had almost run out of the hexagon shaped ones that I use for stitcher wallet  finishes. These have the same size opening, just a bit wider... but I know they'll work out fine. Now to figure out what to use them on.  

Decisions... decisions... I'm thinking maybe something patriotic like this chart that was part of my purchase from Kathy at Needle Delights

This week, I'm working on my HAED Forbidden Doorway. Hopefully, I'll have enough progress to show an update next week.

Meanwhile, Here's a little strawberry to enjoy. It's from the Blackbird Designs Booklet Joyeux Noel designed by Nicoletta Farrauto.
Strawberry # 3  (Corrected version of the chart from the website)
Fabric: 32ct Fairy Dust Belfast
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 25W x 37H, 2 over 2
Coffee dyed after stitching was complete.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Cute strawberry finish. I really like the Sweet Land of Liberty pattern, not too big, not too 4th of July! Really do like that one, may need to add to my stash. Enjoy your stitching.