Saturday, December 1, 2012

Heaven and Earth updates

Hello everyone,
I've been busy this week trying to put some finishes together and get some presents for family and friends wrapped. To keep their gifts a surprise, I don't think I'll post until after Christmas - except for the few that don't have internet access. You will probably be seeing Christmas Ornament finishes in January. LOL!

So instead, I'll share with you my 2 Heaven and Earth updates.
First up is HAED 2012 SAL SK Forbidden Doorway (Dillman). My last update was at 7350 stitches -when I finished Page 1. Here she is at 9244 stitches.

Fabric: Picture this Plus 28ct crystal Moonglow
DMC Threads, 1 over 1, full cross

I just love how she is coming along. 

Next up, I had to move my stored WIP bag to get something out for finishing. When I did, my WIP Storykeep Forest Walk (Stokes) fell out so I spent the next couple of nights adding 500 stitches.

This was my first HAED purchase back in December 2009. I abandoned for quite awhile. I thought something was wrong as the picture showed a much greener bottom. I picked it up again after joining the 2011 SAL - I found the colors used blended into a different color as I continued.

This one has quite a few confetti blocks- especially in the area I'm at now (the face). I do love how it is coming out, but the 2 strands on 25ct has the back very thick and at times my needle has a difficult time.

Fabric 25ct white Irish Dublin Linen
DMC Threads, 2 over 1, full cross

I hope to make some more progress since next year's focus will be the SAL QS Mystic Garden.Hopefully I won't get sidetracked too much.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Both your HAEDs are coming along really well. Those Stokes dragons are lovely. I have the Christmas one ( can't for the life of me remember what it is called!).

    I'm looking forward to Mystic Garden too. Can't wait to get the floss list so I can start kitting it up.

  2. I just realized that somehow you weren't showing on my reader anymore! After scrolling through your posts I can see that you have been busy ~ you have some beautiful stitches and goodies! I rejoined to follow ~ hopefully it will stick this time!!