Monday, June 4, 2018

June 2018 remembering Samantha

Hello everyone,
It's a sad day today as I write this. Our beloved Samantha is no longer with us.

Friday morning was a typical start of the day for Samantha except that she didn't want to take her daily dose of medications. Lunchtime came and she ate very little and went out for a short walk (due to the heat). She came  in and settled downstairs on the cool concrete floor by the fan. She moved around a few times until her next mini meal at 4:00.

Immediately I noticed that something was wrong - she had no interest in her meal.. so I figured that maybe she wanted to go out first. She got up (on her own for DH) and went outside with us only to lay down immediately in the hot sun. Took some coaxing and some lifting assistance- but once she was up, she slowly walked back inside unassisted (we noticed a lot more weakness in her back legs). She didn't go to her water dish.. just settled inside in one of her favorite spots. She drank some water that we brought over to her but still had no interest in food...She stayed in that spot and slept - and only drank water every couple of hours through this morning. We think that she might have had a stroke while sleeping earlier Friday afternoon. It affected her strength in her back legs as she never tried to get up after that, and she didn't have her normal responses to us or  anything else.

R.I.P. Dear Sweet Samantha
born 2004
Rescued on a brutally cold and snowy December 16th, 2013
passed  on  06/04/2018

You rescued us and filed our lives with love and laughter during the 4.5 years you spent with us.

From that cold morning, you arrived with a multitude of  health issues that you overcame while with us: severe ear infection that took more than one medication to cure, demodex mites, hookworms, tapeworms, thyroid imbalance, a severe urinary infection that required a prescription food, multiple vet visits to drain a cyst on your neck,  hip dysplasia, severe arthritis, problems with your paws bleeding (some tissue damage), and a failing liver issue.

You remained a bit camera shy throughout your stay with us but you settled in pretty quickly and soon found several resting spots upstairs and downstairs.In front of the bookcase, In front of the TV cabinet (blocking the magic eye so the remote wouldn't work until you moved), by the couch, under DH recliner when the hassock was up, in the middle of the living room and under the dining table to name a few.

 It was so funny to see you stretch out you paw to grab a dog bone when it was tossed just out of reach and how you would stare and get our attention with a low grrrr.. when it bounced too far away and you wanted us to get it for you. .. or the way you tilted your head when asked "who's hungry? " The smell of fresh chicken cooking had you watching the oven intently until timer would go off. You had such a soft mouth..never bite-y.. and you would lick us everyday..your tail would thump on the carpet whenever we came back into the living room where you were.

When you came up the stairs, you would peek around the corner to see where we were before reaching the top step.
You loved being outside - except when it was rainy.

You were scared every spring when the frogs would start their peeping. You didn't like finding them on the driveway during your nightly walks. You always waited for the deer to run off before attending to your business on those late nightly walks. You never minded the 3am pills as you looked forward to going out.

The jingle of your leash meant that it was time to go for a ride and you were always very excited to climb the pet steps to claim your space. You squealing with such a high pitch bark (so different from your low pitch grrr..) and pranced around until the door was opened then made a beeline to the garage.

One ear would always raise up while the other one only lifted about 1/2 way anytime the doorbell rand or there was a knock at our door.

You were always so peaceful napping on yous blankets,  laying with your head on the hassock of DH recliner (or under it moving DH's slippers), stretched out along side our bed,

or sleeping feet in the air alongside the sofa or recliner.

Oh, how you loved the snow...You'd lay at the top of the stairs and stare out the door just waiting  to go outside and lay in the fresh snow.


You picked up Bucky's habit of chuffing anytime I sat in my stitching chair, or laying under the kitchen table nudging me whenever I was working on a beading project.

We miss you - the house seems too quiet without you here.

Now you are resting peacefully next to your brother by your favorite oak tree.

Until next time,
Have a wonderful day!
Lisa M.