Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August stitch from stash update

Hello everyone,

It's time for my monthly update for stitch from stash 2015 part B hosted by Mel over at epic stitching. You can see all the rules here.
This month it's all about a little stash and few charity stitches.

Month: August 2015
Budget Amount: $25.00
Spent: $10.99     (Bookmark Medley $7.99+ Bookmark Collection $1.00+ Mark My Words $2.00)
Earned: $12.00    ( $6.00  Authors + $6.00 Choose a Book)
Carry Forward: $ 29.98    ($3.97from last month +$25.00 budget - $10.99 Spent + $12.00 Earned)

I didn't think that I'd be able to post this month. Early last week our town work crews were on our road brush cutting. In addition to the brush, they managed to remove around 20 feet of phone cable and hit the phone box about 600 feet from our house. Then we had rain which meant moisture in the  box and no dial tone until yesterday.

With a busy month I did get a few things stitched but I can't show one until the October update as it is for an exchange... so you'll get to see it then and I will claim the earning credit then as well - unless I change my mind and stitch something else for my partner between now and the end of September when I mail it out.

First stitched item to share is the lovely bookmark from the booklet Page by Page CSB-182 Cross My Heart Inc.
Authors ©1998
18ct Ivory Aida
DMC Threads
Stitch Count:  24 x 105, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch, backstitch, long stitch, French knots

Next up is this bookmark from the booklet Between the Pages CSB-73 Cross My Heart Inc.
Choose A Book ©1992
18ct White Aida
DMC Threads
Stitch Count:  26 x 100, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch, backstitch

Then I started this bookmark from the booklet Page by Page CSB-182 Cross My Heart Inc.
18ct China Pink Aida
DMC Threads
Stitch Count: 24 x 105, 2 over 1
Cross Stitch, backstitch, long stitch, French knots

I'm still deciding on my next bigger project but this was all ready to work on...So I picked up this lovely design and added 100 stitches to it Heaven and Earth Designs 2013BB SAL QS Mystic Garden Design by Michele Sayetta Artwork by Ciro Marchetti
28ct Picture this Plus Valor
Stitch Count: 139 x 138, 1 over 1 full cross (2660 stitches completed on January 1st 2015)
DMC & Kreinik#4
Now at 2760 completed.

I did find the charts I was looking for in March :)They were behind the chart I pulled out for my exchange.

I also managed to do a little bit of shopping for some charts. I wanted a few more choices for my literacy bookmarks so this is what I purchased.


DH is on the mend. His kidney stone surgery turned out to be 30 stones (overachiever!) LOL! He went through a few days of bladder spasms and he took a fall (missed his chair) in the wee hours of the morning. Lucky- nothing but a few bruises.

Until next time, Have many wonderful days.
Lisa M


  1. Congrats on your cute train and booklet finishes and well done on your sfs budget
    I love love that mystic garden that one is coming along nicely
    Have a lovely day

  2. Those are such fantastic bookmarks for a great cause.
    Wow. Sound very unpleasant for your husband.

  3. Wee done on your SFS. Lovely stitching and new purchases.

    Hope your DH is doing well. That is a lot of stones!