Sunday, November 4, 2012

Checking in after Sandy

Hello Everyone,
What a week. We had the wind gusts from Sandy...not much rain. Had some broken tree limbs, a broken clothesline, and possibly some damage to our chimney - but not much else. We didn't even lose power this time. Our birds have had to adjust as we kept our feeders on the clothesline about 20' off the ground (well away from the bears), and for now we are using a post attached to the deck.

We are saddened when we watch the news showing the areas so badly hit. Most of DH's family live on Staten Island, New Jersey, or Connecticut area. We have been patiently waiting to hear from them. Some have called ... just waiting to hear from the rest of them.

I did want to share a  beading finish with you. I couldn't decide which owl to do for Beth's exchange, but after choosing the horned owl and seeing how lovely it looked, I knew I needed to make the other 3. I still have to do the snowy owl... Hope to find time for that one soon.
Oriental Bay- Owl © October 2007 Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch & Beading Issue Seventy Two

Silamide thread,
Miyuki delica beads (7 colors almost 900 beads)
square stitched

Stitch Count 26 x 42

I started stitching my Christmas exchange earlier this week, but I think I have to start it again on a different fabric- I think the milk chocolate fabric is to dark for the colors I'm using. I 'll probably continue later today adding in some snow... maybe that will make the difference.

We've had flurries in the air a few days this week, so we have a few more outdoor chores to finish. Plastic on the lower windows, planters need to be put away, and the tractor needs to be converted to blow snow.  And we need to find the cause of the leak at our wood stove / chimney connection.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I hope that all your family is doing ok. Sandy did so much damage.
    I love your owl finish.

  2. I hope all your family are OK Lisa.

    Cute owl!

  3. So glad to hear you and the family members you know off are okay. I do hope you hear from the others soon.
    Congrats on that gorgeous Owl finish. 900 beads! You have the patience of a saint!