Friday, July 13, 2012

An unexpected visitor and a bit of beading

Hello everyone,
It's been crazy. We had an unexpected visitor on our back porch in the wee hours of  Thursday morning. It was a very large (over 150#) black bear. It stayed for about an hour... then finally wandered off after we made a lot of noise with pots and pans. We are fine. This was the second time that we've had a black bear on our back deck. This time it's only minor damage - a broken rail post. Last time was July 1999. We ended up with a broken casement window and broken steel fan.

I also finished a beading project recently. I contacted the designer and she gave her permission for me to post. Here is Eagle Flag Ornament © Pinjinsa, 2004 The Stone Badger. I found the pattern here.It is done in Brick stitch using Silamide thread and Miyuki Delica beads.This is a Christmas present for a dear friend. It will also make a nice sun catcher.

DH had to have some dental work, so I grabbed my go bag and finished the first half of one of the winter biscornu stackers by Jeanette Douglas Designs, I also worked on a bit on Prairie Grove Peddler's Little Candle mats - Lighthouses (hopefully another present for a friend). I'm working on the fourth lighthouse now, and then it's just some outlining ,clouds, and gulls to finish.

Also earlier this month,  I started my next beaded project, called moose in pond. It will be an amulet bag for a dear friend. you can see it here. I also finished a Prairie Schooler freebie (the eagle that is part of mini card set B) and put a few stitches in my HAED Forest Walk storykeep. Oh, and I started my Stitched with Love Exchange. 

So, that's enough teasing for now. Hopefully  I'll put some time in my craft room to get some of these finished up - cousins arrive next week, so I'm not sure how much will get done.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Watch those bears! Glad all is well. My GF has one coming around again this year. Great beaded piece.

  2. Glad to hear the bear visit wasn't too damaging. Scary!
    What a beautiful finish, your beading is amazing.

  3. I don't like dealing with the opossums and skunks we get, I can't imagine a bear! Hope he stays away. :) I love your beaded piece!

  4. Oh sounds so scary Lisa hope your bear doesn;t return soon.
    Lovely beaded piece. Good luck with all those ongoing projects. Hugs!