Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Love freebie

Since I've last posted, I have been stitching away. I got started on my HAED SAL SK Forbidden Doorway - will post an update soon.

I spent early January looking through my patterns to pick out projects for my two Valentine exchanges. I found one that I wanted to stitch, and placed an order for a few of the threads that I wanted to use. Anyhow, the threads were back-ordered. A week later I was told that one of the special threads that I had wanted was no longer available. I came up with a substitute, and that is on backorder.

I started looking online at patterns, and found this lovely freebie from IStitch.

Fabric: 28ct Carnation Pink Jubilee

Threads: HDF Examplar Dried Roses

Stitched Count: 42W x 11H, 2 over 2

I did eventually pick out my exchange projects. Stitching is finished and now I just have to "finish" them.

Hope you have a Love-ly day.



  1. Backorders can definitely be frustrating!
    Lovely stitching and finishing on the pillow! :)

  2. Lisa, the pillow is beautiful. A lovely finish! Backorders & 'temporarily' out of stock are frustrating. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your exchange gift. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I hate waiting for backorders! It's so frustrating especially when it's threads you desperately need.

    The Love finish is gorgeous.